Singularity Registry (HPC)

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Singularity Registry HPC (shpc) allows you to install containers as modules. Currently, this includes:

And container technologies:

And coming soon:

You can use shpc if you are:

  1. a linux administrator wanting to manage containers as modules for your cluster
  2. a cluster user that wants to maintain your own folder of custom modules
  3. a cluster user that simply wants to pull Singularity images as GitHub packages.

The library contains a collection of module recipes that will install containers, so you can easily use them or write your own. To see the code, head over to the repository. To browse modules available as containers, see the library.

Getting started with Singularity Registry (HPC)

Singularity Registry HPC (shpc) can be installed from pypi or directly from the repository. See Installation for installation, and then the Getting Started section for using the client. You can browse modules available at the Singularity HPC Library.


  • For bugs and feature requests, please use the issue tracker.
  • For contributions, visit Caliper on Github.


GitHub Repository
The code for shpc on GitHub.
Singularity HPC Library
Shows modules available to install as containers.
Autamus Registry
Provides many of the shpc container modules, built directly from spack.